What problem is Infinite Launch trying to solve?

Launchpad is currently an emerging trend in Cryptoverse. As it serves the burning need of crypto users in finding the hidden gems for profit multiplication.

Yet, current launchpads still haven't satisfied every stakeholders in the market.

StakeholdersPaint points with current launchpads

Defi Projects

Projects only attract token holders in the early stages of the IDO. When the allocation is done and the token price was rocketed, they would easily face with a token dump

Mass Users (with limited fund)

  • As there is only a very few slots for each IDO, token holders have very small chances to get whitelisted and multiply their financial assets.

  • Moreover, each launchpad often only showcase projects built on one particular blockchain system, which limits the access of token holders to a wide variety of projects in other systems.

Whale Holders (with abundant resources)

  • Projects introduced by other launchpad are often still in development stages, making whale token holders struggle to acknowledge the tangible products and hence can’t forecast its growth potential.

  • With abundant financial resources, they also demand more exclusive benefits and accesses to upcoming IDO projects on the launchpad if they invest to that project.

Investors also have to face with unsustainable long-term valuation. The increase of launchpads' tokens value is not sustainable without a proper mechanism to maintain and monitor the token, other than just the typical tiers & staking system.

Therefore, we created a launchpad with revolutionary innovations that solves each and every pain point of stakeholders in launchpad market.

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